Late morning yesterday we received notice of a 8:00 AM learning session Friday. Groaning inwardly I took a quick look at the agenda. It was for a tool we use extensively at work and I thought we knew everything there was to it. The list of topics did not cover anything new except for one plug-in I was sure I would never have to use.

I had made up my mind that it was a waste of time and I was about to decline when I got another email from my manager that pretty much said she expected her group to attend and we would have to come up with solid reasons for declining. Swallowing my urge to appear too busy to attend the meeting I accepted.

Grumbling all morning today, I turned up. The cafeteria where the meeting was scheduled had about a dozen people. That’s it! Turned out a few of them decided to call in. The presentation started and I was prepared to be bored and secretly waiting for the hour to be up. Without realizing I was drawn in. I found myself nodding at the presenter’s overview of the features and when he showed us some little known tricks I felt like I had to clap. Instead I scribbled seriously in my notepad I brought in to the class just to appear important. When the hour was up, I was pleasantly surprised. Even for a tool I supposedly spent over eight hours working in, there were so many things that could make my life easier.

I walked over to the presenter to congratulate him on a job well done. I think I did it more to assuage my own guilt about having written off something before I gave it a chance. Made me realize I do it in other areas as well. Like listening to K or my mom or my friends. When certain topics are discussed, my mind blanks out like I know everything there is to know about it. Today’s session was certainly an eye opener. In more ways than one.

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