Happy Birthday Dearest Friend!!!

Today a person whom I love and cherish (other than K and my family of course!) celebrates her birthday. Memories of her always make me smile. The good ones I mean 🙂 We met for the first time when we lined up to take an aptitude test in the sweltering Chennai heat in July 1997. Yes!! Eleven years ago. Test done, waiting for the results to be posted for the group discussion I noticed she was in the same group I was. Of the ten people in our discussion I remember just the two of us going at each other trying to outshine and out-vocalize the other. I remember distinctly not liking her because I thought she was the reason my other good friend from college did not get through that round. Interview over, we met each other at the bike stand where I was waiting for my dad if I remember right or to take an auto. She was with her dad. Said hello, exchanged numbers and went home.

I was surprised to hear from her dad/her the next day. S/he had taken the liberty to find hostel accomodation for me as well in Bangalore. I was touched and happy that I wouldn’t be alone is a strange place. A few weeks later saw us both settled in our hostel room. I believe the first few weeks was crucial to cementing our friendship. We swapped school stories, college friendships, prior job relationships and burnt midnight oil just doing that. We allied ourselves firmly with each other and the first few months was almost like a honeymoon. The phase when we put our best foot forward. We are prepared to like everything about the other person.

Then the differences creep in slowly, surely. We try to dismiss it as an aberration. We try to adjust and move on. Over time we learn to agree to disagree. We spent almost three years sharing a tiny room, working for the same project, taking the same bus, moving in the same circles. Then the inevitable happened, we moved. To different projects, different cities and in some sense different ideologies.

This is one friendship I can say truly stood the test of time. We have fought, spent months being cold to each other, felt incredibly hurt when priorities shifted and yet always managed to come back to each other for support, friendship and sisterhood. That’s how I think of her always, as another of my sisters.

For all those days spent plaiting your hair, getting you tea, pushing you to get ready earlier. For all those emotional arguements we have had, the major fights, the cold shouldering. For all the movies we have seen together, for all the train trips to and from Chennai. For all those moments of jealousy you have caused, I want you to know I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You have made my life richer, and meaningful by the depth of your friendship. I love you and look forward to sharing stories and laughing many many years into the future.

Happy Birthday Dearest A!!! Here’s wishing the day is perfect for you. Sunny skies, mild breeze, greenery all around and all the love you can find.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dearest Friend!!!

  1. Oh.. you wouldn’t beleive it, if I said I met one of my bessst friends in a similar way. Met at our job interview, with father, her father kept in touch, went to the same hostel, and best friends forever. She is very special, and I absolutely have to hear her voice every now and then to keep me going.

  2. Laksh-

    great post on your friend’s birthday, the write up of the friendship seemed very true and from the heart…that it what I like the most about your blogs, the simplicity and truth with which you write. Keep the thoughts coming…

  3. Happy birthday to your dear friend. God bless her!
    If I make a wild guess, it’s apar or a-kay? let me know my score

  4. Laksh, I am so very touched! Thanks everyone for the wishes!

    Laksh, minor correction, 11 years back we met exactly on this day – so it was not July 1997 but June 1997 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Akay…Nice trip down memory lane, Laksh. I guess, not long afterward, I bumped into you folks too, and then life moved on for me to different pastures…am glad we all ended up bumping again 🙂

  6. So well written and heartful outburst of emotions 🙂 Jealousy i think is a wonderful/inevitable ingredient in a relationship i think – kinda like salt in food 🙂 – eaten alone does not make a good taste but definitely turns the final recipe superior 🙂 and finer

    Akay is truly a great friend and a wonderful being – thanks to you that i know her 🙂 Having said that , i think it started with kinda jealousy for me too 🙂 – constantly having to hear from you how i looked like A, how i reminded you of A, how even my comb looked like hers!!! It was this – i love you – you love her – kinda love triangle ;;) if you may
    But i think when we actually met during your wedding (right??) we really hit it off 🙂 and here we are 7 years later may be closer than we ever thought we’d be 🙂 – interestingly enough i think D & she have hit it off to (wonderful people they both are :))

    Here’s wishing A a very happy birthday – A true June born PEARL 🙂

  7. @Rekha: I do believe you. am sure most of us who started our careers in a place away from home will have similar stories to recount. It is nice to have such close friends.
    @Suman: Thank you.
    @Mitr: Thank you Thank you! Grinning from ear to ear.
    @Divya: Good for you! I know how special that is. I have friends from college too with whom I feel a special connection.
    @Shy: Right on. Akay it is. Thank you!
    @Akay: Hope you had a great day! Age tends to fuzz my memory you see 🙂
    @UL: I know. Some things are fated. We know only too well right? ;p
    @Maggie: Wow! That sure is an ode to A. She better be grateful to both of us for singing paens in her honor 🙂
    @Deepa: Welcome back after a long back. Thank you!

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