Quite a lovely day!

Thank you all for stopping by to wish me yesterday!

K and I had taken the day off. We made the mandatory trip to the temple, had lunch outside and came back home for a short siesta before getting back to routine and fixing dinner and all the wonderful stuff. Looking back it was probably the first anniversary I did not expect any gifts and did not get any and what is funny is that it did not bother me. I totally enjoyed just spending the day in K’s company and enjoying what we have built over the past seven years.

In all, it has been a quiet and beautiful day. Bright and sunny to start, a bout of thundershowers midway making for a clear starlit night. The way our relationship has grown. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Quite a lovely day!

  1. Sorry Laksh, I missed it. Belated anniversary wishes to both of you from the both of us, dear. Here’s to many more wonderful years together!

  2. Laksh-

    good to know that you had a nice day, wondering how you came to the stage of not getting gifts as okay. My anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks and I am already thinking about getting something from hubby.

  3. nice to know you had great time. It’s kind of strage;isn’t laksh?, not getting gift does not bother anymore. 6.5 yrs into marriage, we are in that stage now; if we get gifts it’ bonus; a surprise hug or a gentle touch matters more now..weird:))

    I played the video of K putting the flower on your hair on the beach..touched me dearly; I guess that’s why I like to wear my thaali( mangalsutra) everyday ;I am yours.. irrevocabily. why I am writing all my stuff here?..’cause you got me thinking;thanks:).

  4. Hey Laksh, I’m back from my hibernation, and the first blog I visisted was yours, I am so happy to learn about your 7th wedding anniversary and even more happy to be late atleast to wish you both many many happy returns of the same and I pray for you both for a long and prosperous life ever. Love you.

  5. and we need to do our yearly tradition- at least meet up…the sooner the better, like you said. even though this weekend looks busy, i will know for sure tomorrow, will call you to find out if you guys are still free.

  6. @Madhuram: Thank you for the wishes. We did have a nice time!
    @Mitr: Years of conditioning I guess. I still do enjoy gifts just that I do not expect it anymore. Advance wishes on your anniversary!
    @Arch: Thanks da. Yup! it was.
    @Akay: Thanks!
    @Shy: I love your comments. They feel warm and genuine and from the heart. I can imagine you touching your thali and looking wistful too 🙂
    @Deepa: Thank you very much! The wishes are what keeps us going. Its nice to be thought of and wished good stuff.
    @UL: Looking forward to hearing from ya!

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