Bitten by the travel bug

Early Saturday morning mom and I sat with steaming mugs of coffee by our living room window as is our ritual, talking about the few months she has been here. She asked “What are the plans for tomorrow?” “Nothing.” I said. She paused a moment her face looking like she was making a difficult decision and then ventured “Do you think we could go to New York?” I was surprised. Not because she wanted to go to NYC but because she leaves for home the following week and I was planning to take her shopping. I said “That should not be a problem. Lets check with K once he is back.” K was out playing cricket with friendly teams from other nearby companies.

We went about the rest of the morning chatting and cooking and chatting some more. K was back and ready for the NY trip. The evening was spent dusting and getting our old NYC maps, poring over websites where were could book tickets in advance for the Ellis Island Ferry and such prep work.

Sunday morning we were woken by the sounds of a busy kitchen. Amma was up bright and early packing idli and thayir sadham for us to take with us. We were on the roads by 8:30 and that was the start of a beautiful beautiful day. Right from the haunting voice of Yesudass crooning over the car speakers to the sunny, breezy skies. On board the ferry we took in the vast expanse of water and the receding NYC skyline. With Amma and K by my side it felt like one of those picture perfect days.

Some of the highlights of the day trip for me were the street show in Battery park by some young men spreading the message of “No Drugs” to kids. Getting ice creams from a road side vendor on Wall street. Watching Amma pose by the humongous bull at the entrance to the Wall street and sitting on a bench resting our tired feet listening to a soul stirring performance on a flute by some unknown guy.

As be drove back, we stopped at HSB yet again for a satisfying treat of south indian tiffin. What more could a person ask for?

8 thoughts on “Bitten by the travel bug

  1. Love readings this and nice pictures too. I would like to go to New York again. It’s one of my favorite places – and I’ve pinned down on a map 133 cities in 26 countries, so far 🙂

  2. @Rekha: It was unfortunate that you had issues at the PATH station. I can understand why that soured the trip for you. I’ve prob been to NY four times so far and each time came back with a feel good feeling.
    @Akay: It sure is fascinating. One of those things I dream about is working there someday.
    @SK: Totally with you on that.
    @Mitr: Thank you! I have fond memories of my CA trip in 2002. We drove from Santa Rosa to San Diego.
    @Lilja: WOW!! That is a lot of travelling!! Thank you for the compliment on the pics. I love NY too 🙂

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