Don’t you look beautiful today? She asked and nodded appreciatively as she passed me on the aisle at work. I was on my way to fill my water bottle and start my day. Since the days are warmer and I feel the lightness of Spring in my step, I usually tend to wear clothes that are brighter, lighter and vibrant. Think Indian.

Attired in a bright red bandini style kurta paired with an off white salwar, I never really gave much thought to how I would be perceived by others. For that matter, how much clothes make a person. It was nice to be complimented first thing in the morning, but I can’t help wondering for every person that thinks it looks nice that there are a few people who feel it is out of place. Or even unprofessional. The place I work for does not have a dress code that is enforced. It is common to see people in shorts and sleeveless tops come Spring. While it does not bother me much, there are times when I have felt a dress code would have been nice.

It is any wonder that we struggle to assimilate and become mainstream? I wish I could be comfortable in my skin as is. To not have to pause a minute to think if I should stick my bindi on or not. To wonder what color socks would work for that indeterminate color pant I am to wear for the day. Growing up in an environment where anything was passe’ this new rigor of trying to conform takes its toll at times. And I wonder.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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