Spicy peanut chutney aka savoury peanut butter – healthy too!

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Looking for healthier alternatives from the regular coconut chutney that is a side to most of the ‘tiffin’ I make, I discovered ‘peanut’ chutney when one of our friends visited. From then on, it is a standard fixture in my house with dosas and as a spicy spread on bread.

Stuff you will need:

Peanuts aka Groundnuts aka nala kadalai – 2 handfuls
Dry red chillies – 2 – 3 depending on taste
1 pinch asafoetida
Marble sized ball of tamarind
Salt to taste

How to make it?

In a small pan roast peanuts till they start popping. Add red chillies and saute for a min before turning heat off. Let cool and grind with water, tamarind, salt, asafoetida and the chillies. Depending on taste, make it a smooth chutney or leave it a little coarse. Enjoy as a side to dosa, idli or as a spread on bread or like hummus on a pita bread.

Serves two

Special notes:

Optionally one may season the chutney with mustard seeds tempered in oil.


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