Inexorable march to the future defines inexorable as unbending; severe, relentless, unrelenting, implacable, merciless, cruel, pitiless.

Around where I live there are plenty of steep winding country roads. Much like roller coasters. One such road is the one connecting my home with my brother’s. Each time we drive back home there is this stretch where there is the feeling of absolute lack of control. The kind of freedom I would associate with skiing. Where you let go and deal with what happens later. On one such ride home, it reminded me of my feelings towards my life. There are times when I feel the events have been set in motion and the result is predetermined. Just that I am not part of the process. Much like being in the car hurtling relentlessly to the bottom of the trough. You know you will reach safely. You know you are the reason you are on that road. Just that there is a feeling of lack of control on the momentum.

I started blogging on an impulse sometime in 2005. More as a means to record the occasional urge to write that lay around in a bunch of text files or email drafts. Over time watching others pen down their thoughts with ease, I made it a fairly frequent effort. The past few days I have this urge to really make the effort to hone my writing skills and give it a serious shot. Only that I am clueless on the how. I know I want to do it and a strange feeling that it will be a big part of my future. The how and when seem hazy. For now at least.

So, I wonder if its just me or if You feel the same way about your life.

2 thoughts on “Inexorable march to the future

  1. πŸ™‚ I was smiling as I read this entry. My whole life is kinda like the ride you talk about πŸ˜€ Infact there have been times when even the what in life has seemed hazy! Well, you should know what I am blabbering about here ;)after all…I have bugged you so much by cribbing and will do so for years to come. No escape from me πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  2. @Apar: πŸ™‚ It is amazing when we can draw parallels between life and other mechanical things like cars and speeding down winding roads. πŸ™‚

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