Stranger in the mirror

I pulled out of my garage and lowered the windows to wave bye to Saathi who was tinkering around with his car. On rare occasions like today we take separate cars to work. As I turned the bend at the end of the road, the sun glare blinded me for a moment. One hand resting on the steering I reached out for my sunglasses. A prized possession. I slid it on and slowed down to make another turn. While I waited for the opposing traffic to ease I peeked into my rear view mirror and was surprised by the image staring out of it. A broad almost handsome face framed by dark glasses, with touches of gray at the temples looked back.

I am not usually vain. I really am not. But something about that face today made me smile. It reminded me of days when I would walk by on the narrow pavements in Pondy Bazaar and watch elegantly dressed women step out of fancy cars with sunglasses perched on their casually made up hair. I have secretly coveted having a sunglass that I could wear and casually slide it over my head like they do in the movies. So today that stranger in the mirror made me realize how far from my naive days I have come. How images are not always what they seem. Why style and sophistication are relative and most of all sunglasses are well just sunglasses.

5 thoughts on “Stranger in the mirror

  1. I think the movies perpetuated that image as well – the cool heroines wearing sun-glasses with their hair let down freely. I remember Sridevi doing that in so many movies πŸ™‚ Yup as we grow older, we realize a lot of things including sunglasses are just sunglasses.

  2. @Akay: True. I associate Juhi Chawla with loose hair and sunglasses for whatever reason.
    @Spillay: Cool glasses πŸ™‚

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