Waiting room musings

As I sat in the rather small waiting room of my hospital’s out patient lab I could not help muse about the behaviors of people when forced to share space with totally unknown strangers for a fair amount of time. When I took my seat after handing in my paperwork I saw there were about ten people already there. Some held magazines they were thumbing through. Some were couples. Some old, some young and one who was pregnant. As each person took turns looking at their hands, the clock, the magazine and each other in randomly varying intervals I decided to play a game while I waited. As the lady came in and announced the name, before the person stood up, I would try to match the name with the individual. I was thrilled when I got it right twice in a row. I must have smiled to myself because out of the blue the lady next to me got all chatty. Before I knew it I was getting way more information on why her partner was in need of a blood draw this early in the morning. I was just warming up and getting to tell her why I was there when I heard my name being butchered. Once again.

Five minutes later arm bandaged I was waving a bye to the cheerful lady and on my way to work. Its occasions like these that let me experience things in perspective. How I am just a speck in the teeming millions that inhabit earth. At home, work or in the midst of people I know I seem to feel a larger than life importance. In the middle of unknown strangers is when I feel who I really am.

Strange huh?

5 thoughts on “Waiting room musings

  1. @Deepa/Bavani: Nothing at all. Just had my blood drawn for regular stuff. The nurse used a big piece of plaster that made me look like I was seriously hurt 🙂

  2. Hey Laks!

    Hope everthing is fine. This post also got me thinking on other lines, about how I would sometimes share some detail with a total stranger since I would most likely never meet them, however almost always hesitate to confide in family until I have thought through at least 10 times about how the news would affect them. Defn strange! Not sure if anyone else does this though 🙂


  3. Hey! I always liked sitting and thinking about what the other person thinks in a waiting room. Things got a wee bit different once A came in. People were fascinated by him mostly and will engage in conversation immediately…trying to get A to talk to them 🙂 It was a place where I could meet people unlike when I was stuck at home alone with A 😀 Thankfully, whenever I have gone to such place it was routine stuff and nothing I needed to worry about. Don’t know and don’t want to about how it would be otherwise!!!

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