Ahh! the smell of mulch!

Never thought I’d live to see this day. When I would proclaim my joy to the world on how much I loved the smell of mulch. Don’t get me wrong. Mulch smells and horribly too but after years of seeing the seasons change, I have finally learned to associate the smell of mulch with the coming of spring.

So, today as I walked into work and the heavenly smell wafted my way, my mind went whoops of joy. For the coming of spring. For thin cotton tops and strappy sandals. For weekend picnics. For glorious sunlight and birds chirping. For flowery bushes. For everything bright, green and beautiful.

Here’s to the coming of spring. Yayy!!!

4 thoughts on “Ahh! the smell of mulch!

  1. @spillay: 30 plus deg C sounds good. real good!
    @Lilja: I love all seasons but for winter. But spring somehow marks a season of hope for me.

  2. To me spring, when I used to be back in the US…was more the chirping of the birds in the morning, the small buds, leaves coming out on the plants outside…used to hate the smell of mulch!! Gave me a major headache 😉 apart from the associated pollen allergies of Spring 😀

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