I was a happy bride!

Yes. Amma and I watched my wedding video. Full five hours of meticulous ceremonies and brightly clad people. Over the past seven years, I would have watched my wedding video probably three times in full.

Yesterday as we were done dinner and sat around not knowing what to do, I had this brainwave. As we watched the laptop screen flicker and come to life we lost ourselves in the life past. When Appa sat pot bellied and happy. I watched as his eyes smiled whispering my name in my ear as part of the vratham. Or as he struggled with me on his lap as I was given away in marriage to a handsome young man with earnest eyes. As he stepped up to the reception dais with each of his friends from work, I could see the pride with which he introduced his son in law.

Seeing every detail come to life on screen, I was amazed at how much I was smiling. A smile that leaked out of the corner of my eyes. Watching friends laugh and joke and seeing my bro and cousins with head full of hair was another revelation. Seeing a likeness of ourselves back in time really drove home how much we had changed. From an eager naive bride to a quiet mature woman. From young unattached people to couples immersed in family life.

As I saw my grandfather’s maternal uncle walk up the mantap to bless Saathi and I my eyes clouded over. So many of those who had been alive at our wedding were now just memories. The trip down memory lane was worth it. If only to remind me of the happiness the event brought to my life.

Yes! I was a very happy bride.

4 thoughts on “I was a happy bride!

  1. Sweet! :–) Of course, a happy bride. :–)
    I have watched my wedding video like once fully, have to watch it sometime.

  2. @SK: Thanks! Do watch your wedding video. Does make for some nice memories
    @Anamika: Thanks!
    @Akay: Dank you!!! You look beautiful in the video too!

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