A milestone reached – I am a graduate!!

A long time ago, I was enrolled in a Masters program. One I was compelled to leave midway. I never really got over it. While I watched friends and cousins graduate with flying colors, the MS was one thing that always reminded me of a path not taken. Over time it came to represent not just an academic foray but a forbidden fruit of sorts. The kind of low hanging enticing fruit that is a hair’s breadth away from being yours.

Time passed. The dream became a dull longing deep in my psyche. An occasional wistful sigh as I passed the the off-site campus of Penn State. Or the longing in my eyes as I look at the Drexel campus right across the door of my workplace. I resigned myself to the fact that may be academia is not really for me.

Then a phone call mid July of 2006 changed all that. What started as a passing thought snowballed into getting enrolled for a Masters program. An on-line one. I never really thought of it as something big or serious. One week of hectic preparations for admission and I was a student again. It meant setting aside 1-2 hours each day to study. To understand things like risk management and strategic plans. To struggle with project plans and estimation. To read about imaginary corporations and to try and understand their financial statements. Weeks and months flew past. With ten courses to complete and thirty credits to be finished I never realized there might be a day I will be done.

Today is the day. I am done with my Masters. I am a graduate. I look forward to uncluttered evenings curled up on my recliner watching old bollywood movies. To exhaustive dinner menus and time spent catching up with friends and family over phone. To just think weekends are mine again and that I will never have to write 15 page papers on Transnational IT operations is a huge relief.

I just want to say a huge thank you to my Saathi. For making my evenings free. For being so supportive that I felt ashamed if I scored anything less than 90/100. Something I have never experienced in my 17 odd years of schooling or college. It has been quite a ride and am really really glad it is over.

19 thoughts on “A milestone reached – I am a graduate!!

  1. I know all about the studying, exams and papers you’re talking about and I hope you’ll celebrate the fact that you’ll never have to mention any of those again.

    Well done and congratulations!

  2. Wow, congrats Laksh. It requires great determination to study part time. Me and husband have been thinking of taking gmat for awhile, but never seems to materialize. This may be an inspiration.

  3. I was thinking – it is mid Feb and it must be close to the big day..and here is your post..CONGRATS..admire you for the efforts you took for part time Masters.Are you ready to go to Gym finally?

  4. Congratulations…and I felt the same too when I graduated ….MS was always a dream and I felt on top the world….and those free times…..its crazily wonderful….trust me…though I miss my University….

  5. @Anamika: Gym tomm?
    @Timepass: Treat? Sure!!
    @Aparna: Thank you!
    @Rupa: Not sure I can agree to the free times but it sure has been a wonderful ride and honestly am glad its over. Prob cos studying and working and managing home becomes too much some times.

  6. @UL/Arch: No plans or next steps in mind. For now just taking it easy and enjoying the free evenings and weekends πŸ™‚

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