Child of the Sun!

I stand slowly sipping on my coffee looking out the window in my living room savoring the morning chillness and the warmth of the hot beverage sliding down my throat. The pressure cooker hisses in the background and the aroma of vegetables cooking swirls around the home.

These are moments I cherish. The stillness, the warmth, the sense of belonging and peace. The sun decides to make a sudden appearance over the horizon. I am blinded by the powerful rays. Squinting, I wave a hello to the Sun God and make my way to the kitchen to carry on with my cooking and the rest of the morning madness.

As I am done seasoning the aviyal and packing rice for lunch, I wonder what is it about the Sun that makes me so joyful inside. The am-at-peace-with-the-world kind of joy. Nothing bubbly or over the top. The kind of happiness that simmers below the surface making its presence felt by the smile playing on my face. The kind that makes me hum a little to myself. The kind that makes me feel an abundance of love for anyone who crosses my path in the morning.

Yes! I definitely am a child of the Sun. I feel his absence more acutely than anyone around. My days resemble dark depressing clouds when he decides to take a break. I long for the long sunny days of the Spring and Summer.

So, excuse me now. I have to have the best of him while he is still around!

9 thoughts on “Child of the Sun!

  1. @Akay: Guess you are thinking Chennai? 🙂

    @Suman: Thank you! I have realized over time, I can only write with my heart rather than my head. If I have to think and write, I just freeze.

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