I believe I will fly…

The past week has been one of retrospection. To look back on my youth and dig into the deep recesses of my memory. To piece together different visuals, different thoughts and reconstruct why I am where I am, doing what I am doing. Some of my earliest memories of wanting to be more than a frog in the well go back to 4th grade or even earlier. At a time when I was not aware of how many states India had or what lay north of Coimbatore or for that matter Chennai, I lived my life through the eyes of the characters in the books I read.

Images of young boys and girls sitting around the shade of a tree sipping lemonade and eating treacle tempted me. I did not know what lemonade or treacle was. Or for that matter what scones or pies were. All I understood from the context was that they were delicious. The images of a bunch of little kids roaming around the neighborhood solving mysteries was imprinted in my fertile mind. I viewed our postman with suspicion or for that matter the trimly dressed salesman who knocked on our door on Sunday afternoons trying to sell innocuous looking gadgets. Over time the images morphed into other things but one thing remained constant. There was a life outside where I lived that was far more exciting.

Books like St Claire’s created a ache to live in hostels. In dorm rooms where the fireplace was always cheerfully lit. Where girls giggled over midnight tea parties and bonded over secret rites of womanhood. So by the time I was in 12th grade I was ready to leave home. All I wanted to do was live in a hostel. It did not matter what course I signed up for. That was not to be but I did move away from home and over the course of three years learnt far more valuable lessons than those contained in text books. Of relationships and heartaches.

Another subtle but constant reminder of the life beyond was in the form of my uncle who left India to do his Masters and later doctoral degree. On each of his visits I glimpsed snatches from an alternative life. Of a different standard of life. Those were probably the only times in my life when I had seen an airport or an airplane at close quarters. Much as it was exotic, it remained very distant. I remember sitting on my terrace at home, looking at airplanes flying far far above and thinking “Someday I will fly…”

Today looking back, I really do believe I will fly. Someday. The shores are distant. The hopes different. Yet, the belief is stronger than ever. I do believe I will fly.

6 thoughts on “I believe I will fly…

  1. Such positivity and ambition, I admire. Our dreams are what makes us and to believe in them and reap them with such a passion is like spreading lots of positive energy…keep going. Oh yes, you can fly and touch the sky….and more.

  2. @UL: I guess there are phases when we believe we are invincible and then there are those phases when we need to lean on willing shoulders to see us through. This year so far has been making me feel confident.. dunno why though! Am not complaining 🙂

  3. Nice to read a positive post right in the morning. I believe that energy is very infectious and it is good to spread the positive one… Remember, what goes around, comes around 🙂

  4. @Akay: Glad to do my bit of spreading the cheer. Of course its at the back of my mind that it will come around ;p

  5. @Nita: Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. You run a cool blog yourself. Will check it out today at leisure.

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