Happy Birthday little sister!

Many many years back one such day my little sister was born. I do not remember going to the hospital to see her. What I do remember is hanging on to the iron gate on our compound eagerly waiting for her to arrive home. She came home all bundled up with Amma and Appa in an auto that stopped right outside our home. For such a little creature she seemed to hog all attention. I was proud because she was my sister not V(s) 🙂

Over the following months, I had fun holding her in my lap when Amma would let me. The memories fade after that but there are certain images that do stand out. One of her naming ceremony. I still vividly remember all the elders in the family lean over her thottil and whisper into her ear. Then there is one of all four of us cousins playing around her seated on a wooden chair. She had both her hands on the armrests and was content to let us play with her. Then there are others of her that I recall from pictures in my album. One in which she is seated on the floor, with a half eaten samosa on a plate big for her size and an abominably big red sticker bindi on her forehead. I could go on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that today makes me nostalgic. For all the times we spent growing up. The bonds we formed later in life. The happiness when I see her number flash in the caller id. The euphoria during her wedding. Pride at her successes and the earnest prayers for her well being.

Happy Birthday little sister! I hope your day is filled with sunshine, warm wishes and peace.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday little sister!

  1. @spillay: Yes we do! Today is Bhogi and I have not really done anything but tomorrow I plan to make pongal and the seven curry kootu and pray to the sun god 🙂 Happy Pongal to you too!

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