Giving up control = Faith?

“When Man loses faith in himself, he starts believing in God!”

This used to be Appa’s response whenever I asked him why he turned from someone with no overt faith into one who experienced a sudden revival in faith towards the last decade of his life.

Today I think I got what he meant. It is one of those bleak dark days I often go through when I feel life is unfair. Very unfair. For every person that yearns of a better paying job, there is one person wishing they were sitting at home doing nothing. For every person that hopes to buy a home someday, there is one who wishes they had a bigger better one. For every person that longs for a child, there is one who feels the baby was a mistake. For every wish, there is someone wishing otherwise. These are things we have no control on.

With lack of control comes the feeling that there is some force that may be.. may be able to make the magic happen. So, as I turned my face upward and saw the framed Ganesha or the baby Krishna looking at me, I sent a wish heavenward to make the impossible possible.  To feel so utterly helpless that all you can do is channel all that unfulfilled wish, hope and pain into a powerful feeling called faith. To dare to hope.

Today I join the ranks of people who implicitly believe in the higher force, of believers, of the faithful.

8 thoughts on “Giving up control = Faith?

  1. Well, I wouldn’t exactly put it that way – Faith, to me, is not giving up control but realizing that there are things / issues over which we do not have any control. That said, yes, I totally understand what you are saying and glad that you found Hope and Faith.

  2. That often used to be my dad’s view too.

    I’d like to include that sometimes, when life is more than kind to you, providing you with more than what you deserve or more than what your talent is, you tend to believe in a force greater than you.

    May be that’s why certain celebreties attribute everything to god.

  3. @Akay: I believe we are both stating the same things in different ways. At the end of it all if we can’t control it we think of God. Whether we give up control voluntarily by realizing it or whether we do not realize it but feel helpless eventually the idea is we no longer have control.

    @Aparna: Very true. Just that more often than not, we tend to think of God when we are sad rather than happy. To quote Kabir “Dukh me sumiran sab kare, Sukh me kare na koi, Jo sukh me sumiran kare, dukh kaahe hoi” or something to that effect 🙂

  4. Well that is exactly where I differ I think – neither is there a question of control nor a feeling of helplessness – infact you feel much more powerful and content knowing that He is on your side. Anyway, didn’t meant to start an argument or discussion 🙂 To each their own…

  5. Been a while since I left a comment on ur blog entries, though been reading each one of them. To this, at this juncture in my life, I feel like I am becoming an atheist day by day. The more I hear of and experience things, the more I have started questioning if there was this force called God!?!
    As Akay says…to each her own…but more than that…I feel that what happens in your lfe determines your faith and belief…just my 2 cents 🙂

  6. @Akay: Yup! to each their own 🙂

    @Apar: We are definitely shaped by our experiences. What we go through determines whether we become a believer or an atheist. In my case, mabbe because I have a flicker of hope I tend to believe rather than not. When that little ray of hope dies out I wonder if I will wonder otherwise? Only time will tell.

  7. I agree with Akay. Faith is taking in control for anything that lies within our scope of control. But to differentiate which one we have control over is becoming an issue. Whatever it is, having faith makes us more relax, dont you think 🙂

  8. @Gunady: True. I think it is a matter of semantics. The point I am trying to arrive at is that when we are no longer in control it is easier to think there is a force beyond our control orchestrating things.

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