A time of renewal and promise.

Another year draws to a close. I scan my inbox and find at least 20 emails wishing me peace, happiness, joy, health, wealth and variants thereof. Some have dancing gifs while some others are pure text. Some are colorful with text in all colors of the rainbow.

To me each signifies a yearning for better things to come. To me personally, as the clock strikes 12:00 and each new year unfolds I feel a strange sense of elation, a book full of unwritten pages beckons. The year ahead is filled with possibility. May be this is the year I will lose those 30 lbs. May be this is the year I will experience morning sickness. May be this is the year I will be bold enough to change careers. A year of may bes…

I refuse to believe the year that just passed was no different from the year to be. I will believe and I will dream. I will tell myself this year is the promised one.

Even as I dare to hope and dream, I look back on the year that just passed. The year in which my sister got married, the year when I got to know my FIL a little better, the year when niece was born. Also the year in which I lost my Paati, the year which reminded me of the frailty of human health.

Every new year will bring back memories of the year past but it is also a time for renewal and a time for new promises…

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