An Ode to my Paati

I visited her on Saturday. I was saddened by what I saw. A person whom in my mind had a towering presence was reduced to a bag of bones and skin. All this change in a little over a year. I stood beside her bed piteously calling her. Something must have stirred in her subconscious for she opened her eyes. Two hours later, I understood she knew I was there. Her granddaughter. One whom most resembled the son she lost. I held her hand and stroked her now bald head. I hoped she felt the affection and love. Saathi sat by her side and recited a hymn. There was silence but it was peaceful. She knew the unspoken fear and the sadness. As I left that night I held her hand again and said “Poitu varen.” No answers. A few minutes later, we managed a “Poitu va ma” from her.

Today morning I heard from my mom that she passed away. I pray for her peace. For her deliverance. In some quirky way I am glad she is free of suffering. I will always remember her in my own way as the the paati who gave me my appa.

9 thoughts on “An Ode to my Paati

  1. Patti left for heavenly abode this morning. without seeing her great grand daughter sruthi. I really felt sorry for not insisting badri to make the trip a week earlier. I feel guilty

  2. @Amma: Don’t feel guilty amma. Whatever happens does for a reason.

    @Sindu: Yes. In Bangalore. Will leave end of this month.

  3. Laksh

    I really broke down after reading your blog on paati. Though we all knew her end was nearing it is hard to accept the fact that she is no more. I am sure it must have been very hard for you to see paati very fragile and weak.I really wish you were here in the US today to be able to talk.

  4. @UL: Thank you. They say when someone lives to a ripe old age and then passes away, the family celebrates the life lived rather than mourn the passing. In some way it is true of Paati. She lived a long life complete with grand kids and great grand kids and got to share in our lives. I think of her as being in a better place now.

    @Vidhu: Paati ya nerla paathu romba azhugai vandudhu. She suffered much dee. Anyone who saw her would only pray for quick deliverance. She definitely is in a better place now. I do understand the grief you feel. The person who has been the cornerstone of your life will no longer be physically there and that feeling of loss is numbing. I only hope and pray you find closure.

    @Lakshmi/Lavanya: Thank you both. It definitely marks the end of an era. One generation is lost.

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