A hundred things rush through my mind as I drive back from the airport. I have three different to-do lists in various stages of completion. The adrenalin rush is palpable. Rush through the customer service desk returning items I do not need. Even I receive the receipt back my mind is already on the next task. I feel like I am in the middle of some hurricane with absolutely no control on what happens next. I reach home dog tired. Even as I take stock of the stuff left to do, my mind and body are weary. I make a decision I will regret. I go to bed instead.

I feel like someone is drilling something into my head. Its only the beep beep from the alarm. It can’t be morning already! The next few hours are gone even before I can take a minute to relax. Back to the grind at work.

Hours feel like minutes. It is time to finally leave. Stuck in traffic, anxiety pounds at my heart. As we make past the bumper to bumper traffic my mind eases. The looming building makes my already loud heartbeats louder. Another hour later sitting in the lounge I finally relax. I look back on the past day and wonder if the storm is over…

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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