I can’t send you away empty handed!

Knock Knock!!

I rushed to the door to stare into earnest looking faces of Jack Sparrow and Minnie mouse. Aww! Aren’t they cuteeeeeee!! I gushed and rushed to get candy for the little trick or treaters. Long after they had gone past our house I was looking wistfully at them ringing on other doors in the neighborhood.

Sets of costumed characters made their appearance at our door step and I gleefully gave out candy. My FIL who was on the treadmill when the first few sets came and went made his appearance and was enthralled by the whole concept. When the next little tiger pressed our doorbell I let him open it and gave him the bowl of candy. Even before he could drop candy on the waiting child’s bowl, the kid picked a couple and was making to go to the next house. My FIL wouldn’t have it. He ran after the kid saying “Oh! you can’t go away empty handed. Come back! I will give you some candy.” The petrified kid froze looking this way and that. Eventually my FIL caught up with him and stuffed a handful of candy into his bag. The little one’s eyes lit up. He held one candy in his hand and said “I am taking this for my grand mom.” We all stood there watching him go with almost tears of happiness in our eyes.

Even as the candy ran out and we put out the porch lights, my FIL said “Vere enge indha madhiri kuzhandhaigal vaasal thedi vandhu chocolate kepa. Neriya kudungo ma. Ellam punyam.” Transliterated it means “Where else in the world will you have little kids knocking on your door asking for candy? Give them a lot. You will earn a lot of good karma.”

How true. We can dismiss Halloween as a commercially motivated holiday or give in to the festive spirit in us and make it a meaningful tradition. Its all in our eyes.

Happy Halloween though belated!

5 thoughts on “I can’t send you away empty handed!

  1. hey Laksh,I really beg to differ from you in this. Yes…it is really cute to see all the costumes…but trust me it is a pain. The costumes are expensive for a one time fare. Besides, I am one of the moms who is against candy giving or getting. Last halloween I dressed A as a black cat and went to a costume get together at the library. No candy. I would suggest that next halloween give out stuff like crayons or play-doh instead of candy. A’s ped also was also totally bugged by the holiday saying as if there is not enough junk food, you actually give out candy!!! Dressing up is fine…not the candy part…Sorry!! A big no…feel pretty strong about this. I can even accept spending money on the one-time costume but candy! nope!!

  2. I understand the candy bit. I am willing to swap the candy for other stuff but what I am trying to get at is the spirit of giving and the fun kids and adults alike have. Nothing to do with the candy or the costume.

  3. True about the spirit of giving and the fun kids have…but more and more halloween is becoming synonymous only with the candies and costumes to the woe of a person like me :)!! Infact I really welcomed the kids who came last year…no costumes but were collecting money for the unicef. Felt nice about putting in some money into those boxes 🙂

  4. I beg to defer with Aparna, sorry Laksh for butting in.It sure is about the spirit of Halloween, I agree and that’s precisely why I disagree with Aparna’s comment.Costumes can be bought dirt cheap for sale – one has to keep the eyes open, again, it doesnt have to be an expensive outfit, if you are imaginative you can make one of your own…nothing complicated,a pair of pjs with a twist is all that’s really needed for a costume if you ask me. About candy – yes I wouldnt let my child anywhere near the ‘so much’ candy they collect every year, but that doesnt mean it shouldnt be given out once a year on Halloween’s. If you ask me that’s less expensive than crayons and what not. To a child, candy is the ‘treat’ of Halloween, I wouldnt take that away, nope, certainly not. Does that mean I will allow my child to consume it all? Definitely not. Allow them to have their taste of sugary treats for one day, it’s only once every year and control their diet, encourage them to eat healthy on other days. By preventing this for one day and killing the spirit of Halloween would only add to temptation, me thinks. Unless it’s a collective effort by the masses which aint happening…killing a tradition that has been forever isnt going to change overnight and why do it when it’s just once a year. Isnt it like saying no goodies or sweets or yummies for Diwali?Oh my! didnt mean to go on and on, just my take on this.

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