As I looked out the window and saw the greenery pass by on my way to work, I caught myself counting my blessings. I remember for each moment I wrinkle my nose in annoyance or feel weighed down by disappointment, there are countless moments that pass by unregistered in my life. I get upset when I hear criticism about the food I make or the work I do around the house, I do not even realize that the veggies get cut, dishwasher gets loaded, grocery gets done and I always sit on the passenger side rather than the driver’s seat when we go out.

I almost always remember the gifts I asked for and I did not get but my memory does a disappearing act when I do try to recollect all that I have got each anniversary and birthday. There are countless things I remember today and smile. I tell myself each time I feel anger, annoyance or sadness I need to remember all the things that make me smile.

I sure am one lucky girl.

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