The Muffin

Its sitting there, right above me on that shelf that houses my snack collection. Taunting me, testing my resolve. I picked it up yesterday morning with my morning coffee at the training place. Playfully I told myself lets see how much you can hold out. Put off opening up the shiny plastic wrap it came in. This was around 10:00 AM yest. Since I already had bread in the morning I told myself I would eat it if I really got hungry. To push myself I even placed it right in front of the monitor where I could see it even if I turned away from the side of my eye.

Lunch came and went, I had my evening tea with wafers which looked very inviting. The muffin lay at my desk. I came back and thought.. if only I hadn’t had those wafers..

Class over at 3:30, I packed my stuff, was half inclined to put the muffin back wrapper and all in the basket by the coffee bar. Stood for a moment half decided and brought it back to work with me. Told myself around 5:00 if I am hungry I will permit myself to devour that sinfully delicious looking thing.

Back at work I put it away in the shelf and actually managed to forget about it. Today morn back at my desk I was blissfully engrossed in work and at 11:00 a bulb glowed in my head. I swear it did! I almost reached out for it and remembered it was close to lunch time. If I ate that danged thing now I would mess up the rest of my day.

So, it sits there teasing me while I eat my sambhar sadham with beans curry. I am already thinking of the 3:30 PM coffee break.

6 thoughts on “The Muffin

  1. I truly commend your will power….way to go girl. No such luck for me…I got anand some cake last evening…and had large pices of it…yummy…this morning, my collegues got me some cake and it is sitting at my desk and I have so far eaten 2 pieces….The last two weeks have been hell in terms of food…but how I have enjoyed every minute of that hell…I can only tell….kesari, cake, payasam, pongal….ooooooh….and yeah I seem to have forgotten how the gym looks like….

  2. Yup same here – sakkarai pongal, payasam, badam kheer, kesari – you name it, i have eaten it πŸ™‚ I have a tough proposition ahead of me now – either get new dresses or lose some weight. Guess I need to make a decision (which must be to lose weight), but should stick to it. sigh…On a diff note, Laksh, can you remove the word verification when we post comments? It is very annoying and sometimes makes me lose my typed comment 😦

  3. Akay,Done! Don’t even get me started on all the yummy stuff people bring around me. Romba kashtama irruku restrain pannika!

  4. Good going! Personally, I can resist anything sweet…but if it was something kurmure…like murukku and the kinds esp south indian stuf…I cannot hold myself back 😦 And arch, akay…I have not done any dieting or exercising for the past 6 months now!!! 😦

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