Show off?

Am in training from work this week. Its been a very amusing experience so far. No, nothing is laughing matter about the class itself. The instructor is a wise old man who really knows his stuff. Its been ages since I have been in a classroom. Every time I walk into the room with its huge white board and neatly arranged chairs and desks, I am transported back to a time when all I had to look forward to was school or college.

Each time I feel a question welling inside me I resist the urge to smile. I remember the good old days when I would be thrilled to be only person with questions in the class. Asking questions meant you attempted to follow what was being taught. Alternatively it also meant having the attention of the instructor. In English classes while at school, I used to be a terrible show off. I loved using all the bombastic words I had come across reading novels. I just had to use them in front of my English teacher (M.S ma’am). Her approving smile meant the day was made for me. Over the years that was the only class I excelled in and I revelled in the knowledge that she acknowledged me as one of her best students.

Sitting here in a classroom that has nothing to do with English or an instructor that needed impressing, I am smiling because my boss who is attending the course with me came up to me as I was eating and asked “How come you seem to understand all that is being said? Did you know this stuff before?”. No! I answered biting back the smugness that threatened to settle on my face. I am as new to this as you are. As she walked away I thought to myself perhaps she is impressed. 🙂

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