The needy one

I call my mom every day. Every day as I drive to work, I pick up the phone with a smile on my face. The anticipation of hearing my mom say “Hello” and me always asking “Enna pannindu irrunde”. Its a routine just like brushing my teeth or having my morning coffee.

Calling mom is a habit I picked up after getting married. It was the one link to my home. To my parents. After my dad passed away in November, the phone is almost a life line. The days when I have guests or I have an early morning meeting to get to and I can’t call, I feel incomplete.

I used to tell myself I call because Amma needs me. She needs to know she is loved, that she is in my thoughts all the time. Today I realized as I was chatting with her online that it was me who was needy. I needed her more than she needed me. To be reassured. To be loved. To know there is an unconditional love on the other side of the phone. I love you Amma.

I am the needy one.

2 thoughts on “The needy one

  1. That was lovely, I started to read and was interrupted…couldnt wait to get back on and complete reading the post. There’s a child in each of us who needs his/her mom. I think of all those homeless children who hasnt felt a mother’s love, and I feel sad. We are priveleged for sure.

  2. Thanks UL. I felt nice writing about how I felt. Its more like an ode to my amma. The things we take for granted..

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