The still of the morning

I knew I had this hopeless romantic hidden in me somewhere. She peeps out at the most unlikely moments. The past few years I have been so occupied with keeping myself obsessed with ttc message boards or finding a job that pays well that I managed to forget she existed.

Today morn she made an appearance. Quite unexpectedly too. I was walking out of the gym after my workout and I suddenly felt the urge to slow down and take in the scenery around me. The sun was not yet up, there was the pre dawn light bathing everything in a soft glow. I could smell the earth, feel the rain converge somewhere in the upper reaches of the sky and generally hear nature speak. I usually rush from the gym, get into my car and try to make it home before 6:30 so I can get started on the day’s tasks. Not today.

I stood taking in the breeze and the smells around before getting in. Rolled down the windows and drove ever so slowly home. I saw three deer waiting to cross the road. I swear I saw a quizzical look on one of the deer faces. I even noticed plenty of squirrels darting around. I could hear the birds sing. I was almost sad when I reached home.

If only I could take the time to stand and stare occasionally there was so much to take in and enjoy. Just around the corner from my home…

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