Awkward moments.

Sometimes I meet people with whom I seem to form a instant bond. We share the similar backgrounds and interests or sometimes believe in the same things. The reasons are varied but the feeling of having found someone to relate to gives me a high. Years back I would go all out and in a sense woo them to be my friend. These days I don’t really go all out but I can’t help hoping I will have someone I could call up and say “Lets go to the movies” or “Have to read Kiterunner?” and follow it up with a discussion of the book or the characters.

What am I leading up to? Well! I met this person recently and really felt a connection. After a couple of conversations, I felt I was able to talk to her better over phone than in person. There seemed to be an awkwardness when we met in person. May be I am imagining it. I have had my share of awkward moments.

How do you really handle it? Do you bring it out in the open and ask them if they felt that way? Or do you blog it and forget it?

3 thoughts on “Awkward moments.

  1. Share it with the person, that would be the simplest solution to breaking down barriers, try it, you will know what I mean. Worked for me tonnes of times 🙂

  2. hey Laksh,accept what ul has written…talk it out.Btw, I had just written something on similar lines just now; then came to check ur blog the last entry I saw was “Its an unfair world” – lo! we have similar entries!! 🙂 Touchwood 😉

  3. Apar, Guess all of us go through similar things in our lives. Thats the fun of blogging right? Having that aahaa moment…

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