Morphing into Mom?

It struck me how much I have become like my mom right down to her annoying habit of worrying for my sister. My sis is visiting me this weekend and is a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. I called her to check when Saathi should be picking her up to bring her back home. I ended up asking her if she had fun and was trying to read in between lines to see if she really had fun. I so wanted her to be happy and enjoy the occasion. After I put the phone down I was not really sure if I spoke to my sis or an unborn daughter. I worry if she is safe, if she is happy, if she has friends…

Another thing that provoked me to wonder if I am morphing into mom is the constant pressure to feel that everyone in my house is fed. I feel the need to make food even if I am tired and if I know my FIL has had prasadam at the temple, my sis has had food at the reception and K prob won’t mind bread toast for dinner. I cringe at all the times I have asked mom mockingly if all she can think of is food. šŸ˜¦

I even stock snacks at work should my brother be hungry. Pathetic right?

I guess its “Welcome to Maamiland” for me. Not sure if I should feel happy or sad.

4 thoughts on “Morphing into Mom?

  1. The realization that we are becoming “older generation” doesn’t sit well for the initial few months/years I guess. I keep pushing that thought away.;-)

  2. Definitely “happy” not sad I would say, after all this is the “circle of life” and you are playing your role to perfection, responsibility is part of life and cheers to those who willingly accept the burden and ride with it.

  3. Oh man!! I used to feel odd when an older friend’s daughter who is just a few years younger to me addressed me as aunty. Now I have gotten used to it. I guess food became my passion for other reasons, but my entry into maamiland is more bcos I started helping my friends’ families getting them horoscopes for those looking for brides/grooms šŸ™‚ We are all definitely in an older generation now šŸ™‚ So Laksh, welcome to the club or rather the realisation that you are in it šŸ™‚

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