A rebellious streak?

My father in law is visiting and is here for the next three months. Since he is nearing 70 and is very particular about food, I end up making regular south indian fare – sambar/rasam/kai in different forms with different ingredients taking care to make it look as authentic as possible. At times I grow so tired of ‘puli karachufying’ that I sneak some time to make pasta for myself or maggi.

Today morning the sight of four all too ripe bananas made me want to make a cake. I did that while my potato fry and rice were getting done on the side. The cake came out well. I took the recipe from here. It came out smelling and looking awesome.

The reason for this post you may wonder.. šŸ™‚ I am mulling if the reason for me to do something completely foreign to my FIL’s taste is because I feel like rebelling?


One thought on “A rebellious streak?

  1. Sure has my mouth watering, looks yum, how did it taste? Did your fil have a bite? Bet he loved it too šŸ™‚ …. wow there are people who doesnt like cake?

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