Doing the right thing.

Nope. It is not as lofty as it sounds. All I wanted to write about was that today I had to run an errand in the morning and I parked in the spot nearest to where I wanted to go. When it was time to return, I noticed a one way sign that meant I had to go all around the building and I was the first one near the exit. I looked around and the area was deserted. I was sorely tempted to just pull out and made a dash for it. As I started the car, I knew I would not do it. Cursing myself I went all around and made for the exit.

On my way back, my dad’s thoughts echoed in my mind. Tell the truth, always do the right thing. Thoughts of you are especially strong today Appa. Thank you for having been the best dad possible even if you did not know it then. You too Mom!

5 thoughts on “Doing the right thing.

  1. Isnt it a boon to have parents whom you can lookup to forever? I sure pity those children who lack such a wonderful privelege.

  2. Not a problem. Do I know you other than on Blogger. I visit your blog often. Got there from lordlabak I think 🙂

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