“Good News”

Whenever anyone in my extended family hears someone talk of “good news” the immediate instinct is to assume the person conveying the “good news” is expecting a baby. I wonder why or where from this tradition started. Now when I get a promotion at work or a raise and I call up my home and start to say I have some “good news”, I get side tracked by whoops of joy and hardly contained excitement. I have to be innovative and convey my news which evidently is good but not as “good”.

Why am I writing about this now? Its mid afternoon and a nice lunch is making me sleepy and makes my wander off in a thousand directions. One of those random thoughts wanted to be pinned down and expressed.

One thought on ““Good News”

  1. It’s all about expectations of the heart, isnt it? Yours and your loved ones..expectations has a tendency to raise a subject over and over again.

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