Six Years and counting…

This Sunday it will be six years. Six years of being a wife. Six years of moving to rustic countryside. Anniversaries of any kind make me nostalgic. I love reliving the experience.. every step of the way that brought me here.

I look back fondly on the person I was. I longed to be the girl everyone liked. The one who could carry off any dress she wore. The one with the prized four year degree… I look back on the things I was not.. and then I remember the things I was. I had my heart and mind in the right place. I knew what I wanted out of life. I had friends and a family that loved me. I still do. Over six years what has changed is that I am no longer insecure. I am still undecided as to what I want to be. Guess I will always be.. I do know that family comes first. Always.. I might be unprofessional but I am happy. Very Happy.

I ponder over the many things that make a relationship work. I realize I do not have to look too far. Getting disagreements out of the way as soon as possible. Never going to bed in anger. Healthy respect for each other’s opinions and a willingness to listen, patiently listen. Friendship and love. Yes, these six years have made me mellow.

Romance has a different meaning. I treasure a hubby cooked meal over a restaurant dinner. I value gifts that we pick out together as against the surprise element. Not that I would not like to be surprised but the togetherness in all the little everyday things we do counts for more.

His family has more or less become my family. I can call his appa, perima etc as appa, perima and really mean it. When I plan India trips I actually do want to spend equal time with his brother as I want to with my mom. These feelings surprise me and pleasantly.

Yes, the passage of time is evident when we look at pics taken in the early days of our marriage as against the ones taken last week. The double chin, the paunch, the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, the grey hair. In the middle of all this I notice that our faces mirror the familiarity, the posture is relaxed and there is love.

Six years and counting… I’m loving it…

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