In memory of Paati.

Just heard from my mom that my dad’s mom is in the hospital and not doing too well. It is hard to imagine Paati being helpless and dependent on others for everything. Some of the oldest memories of my Paati is one of a person with exceeding dignity and quiet kind of power. She seldom raised her voice. Everyone one in the family respected her opinion. There was always a trace of sarcasm in everything she said. Subtle but it was always there.

I spent three years of my college life staying with Paati, Thatha and Athai. I have many fond memories of growing up around her. She would let me read in peace with a bowl of fried treats at my side. She was very orthodox but would let our dog B sit by the kitchen door and feed him bits of dosa even though she would curse him for coming near the kitchen 🙂 There is so much I could write but my eyes are misty.

I really hope she does not suffer. Miss you Paati…

2 thoughts on “In memory of Paati.

  1. I hope she doesn’t suffer. True. The only consoling thing is that she has lived a good number of years with kids and grandkids. Every time this kind of topic is discussed, I shed a tear or two thinking about the guy who, unfairly, died very very young.

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