Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!!!

If you had been alive today we would have celebrated your and amma’s shashtiapdhapoorthi here at Bridegwater. Memories swirl around me. It still does not register that you are gone forever. I refuse to believe you are not here. Saathi and I sang a Happy Birthday song for you today. This is all we could do.

Much as I want to think about all the happy times we spent together all I can remember is the last one month at the hospital. The agony, the pain, the anguish. Come back Appa. We need you. More so now than ever…

5 thoughts on “Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!!!

  1. Birthday wishes to your Dad, Lakshmi. He seems very much alive through your memories. I am sure he will be proud of you. Take care.

  2. @Bavani: Am sad for your loss and mine. Its hard just thinking and wondering all the time about the “What if…?”

  3. I know what you mean. Your “what if” is for me “if only”. My father was diagnosed with having a heart condition – his heart was functioning at less than the normal heart. So I always think – if only I had been more adamant for him to get more treatment – he was very much against getting a heart transplant.

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