Fragmented existence

Lonely not alone
A smile hiding the pain
Lump in the throat
A feeling of hope-less-ness…

One of those days when I look towards the future and see only two silhouettes walking into the sunset. My mental picture looks incomplete. It is also one of those days where I acutely feel the hope-less-ness.

I try telling myself to look at others who do not have what I do yet my mind can only come up with examples of people who have what I want. I cannot seem to lift myself from this dark mood.

Tears roll down my cheeks. I want to sob my heart out but its only the quiet tears that will come.

2 thoughts on “Fragmented existence

  1. We all go through these dark moods, we wouldnt be human otherwise, and you are allowed, you conceal the pain so well Lakshmi, for you to break down every now and then is healthy, the only way to dream and hope further. So vent away when sad thoughts enter your mind and keep up your hopes, miracles do occur. It’s just a matter of time. Take care and love.

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