Of fitting in and other things…

I was walking down the aisle towards the restroom when I suddenly realized that my pants were sitting pretty comfortably on me. Not really sure why such a thought should occur to me out of the blue but here goes the train of thought that begged me to put it down on paper.

I have had this happen to me many times. When I try on new clothes and find two sizes that I could pick, I usually pick the one that I have to literally cram myself into. Is it the hope that may be losing a couple of pounds will help me get into it easily? The other size of course fits me pretty comfortably without having to worry about the bulges when I sit down or the pain when I eat a little too much with my waistband digging deeper into the flesh.

Why is this desire to get into a smaller size hardwired into our brain? I have not found an answer till date. What I did find out over the last two months however is that it is OK to get the bigger size. The comfort of a pain free existence is way higher than a slight thrill that I can cram into one size lower. Here is to comfort! Cheers!!!

2 thoughts on “Of fitting in and other things…

  1. It’s a woman thing I think, men always gets one size bigger! A woman would suffer the worst of pains to feel good about herself, and like you said, in the end it’s nothing really!

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