Monday Musings

Little things in life. Little things that catches one’s fancy when least expected. Beauty that leaps out at you through the car window when you are rushing to work on a Monday morning. Lush green trees drenched with the slanting rays of the morning sun. The crispness in the air to send a tingle down your spine. The fresh washed look the morning after a good rain. A feeling of newness to everything you see like wearing a contact lens for the first time.

This monday morning was one such. My mundane life suddenly seemed rich with beauty. Everything about my apartment seemed vibrant and alive with color. The maple tree right outside my patio. Small birds making the tree come alive with their notes. Dew laden grass seemed a shade richer. Rain washed roads seemed to gleam. Even the otherwise drab 202 seemed straight out of a picture calender. One of those days when I feel incredibly lucky to be alive.

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